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Spring/Summer 2017 issue
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SunWork wins Sustainability Award

SunWork was selected by Sustainable San Mateo County to receive a 2017 Sustainability Award for its dedication to addressing sustainability issues. This award recognizes SunWork's outstanding commitment to bringing sustainable practices to its work and to the local community. Reuben Veek, SunWork founder, will accept the award at the 18th Annual Sustainability Awards Event at the College of San Mateo on April 6.  READ MORE...

Marshal Gingold - CustomerCLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Marshall Gingold
Marshall had been considering solar for his Sunnyvale home for some time, but since he used less than $100 of electricity per month, the economics weren’t working out.  In 2014, however, Marshall learned about SunWork and received a quote that he was happy with.  SunWork installed a 14-panel, 3.5 kW system that has been saving him more than $1,000 per year. He has been so enthusiastic about solar energy that he’s volunteered with both SunWork and Sunnyvale’s city-wide “Energize Sunnyvale” campaign, using his marketing talents to help spread the word about solar’s potential. READ MORE...

Rev. Justin Cannon
Solar is Cornerstone of Church Greening Project

As part of a comprehensive greening project, All Saints Episcopal Church in San Leandro worked with SunWork to install a 9.24kw solar power system on their church in November 2016. The system includes 33 panels and will generate enough electricity to cover the church’s entire electricity bill. The greening project at the church has also brought heightened awareness around recycling and other energy-efficiency improvements to the congregation.

What's up with PG&E's Net Metering?


PG&E recently moved to a new Net Metering (also known as Net Energy Metering or NEM) billing mechanism. Net Metering 2.0 is mostly the same as Net Metering 1.0, however there are a few changes including:

New Solar Customers on NEM2Bright Idea Light Bulb

  • $145 PG&E one time interconnection fee 
  • Can no longer avoid certain fees which reduce the value of
    solar energy sent back to the grid up to 10%

      Existing NEM1 Solar Customers    .

  • Grandfathered on NEM 1 for 20 years
    starting from the date of installation.
  • Can expand solar systems by up to 1 kW (AC) which is about
    1.15 kW (DC) before triggering a switch to NEM2.  
    Give us a call if you are thinking about expanding.

    To learn about the changes and how it impacts going solar,
SunWork's Townhome Pilot Project

Townhome ImageRooftop PV systems are more competitive than ever, but townhome owners have been slow to adopt this renewable technology.  To help promote townhome solar, SunWork is developing a group-buy pilot program for South Bay townhome owners.  If you own a townhome and might be interested, please contact


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