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Spring/Summer 2017 issue
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Rosana Francescato - CustomerCLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Rosana Francescato
Rosanais known for her prolific solar advocacy (@solarrosana). However, for many years she was unable to go solar. In 2010 she lived in a condo in San Francisco, but despite her efforts, she couldn’t get through the HOA challenges to get panels on the roof. Two years ago, that changed. She bought a house in Oakland, took time to figure out her energy usage, considered financing alternatives including a prepaid PPA, and compared multiple solar bids. With an electricity bill averaging under $100/month, she chose SunWork. READ MORE...

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris SatterleeChris Satterlee leads volunteer training session

SunWorkv olunteers take on various roles that help make solar more affordable for nonprofits and low-energy-use homes. Most focus on solar installations, but others help improve the SunWork website, perform market research, assist at outreach events, etc. One volunteer, however, has been playing an especially important role for the last couple of years.Chris Satterlee has taken on the responsibility of leading SunWork’svolunteer training sessions on the Peninsula and in the South Bay. This role is crucial because he teaches not only the basics of solar energy and solar installation, but also imparts safety best practices that are vital to ensuring the well-being of SunWork’svolunteers.

Chris also focused his talents for innovation on improving SunWork’straining sessions. One example is the development of an animated slide presentation that’s now used whenever our volunteers are trained.This has improved the effectiveness of the sessions and enabled newly trained volunteers to hit the ground running on their first installation. READ MORE ...

A Good Solar Project Starts with Efficiency

When thinking about solar, it's generally a good time to consider enhancing efficiency. Even in a home that’s already quite efficient, there are almost always opportunities for cost-effective improvements.

Efficiency is the best way to save money on your utility bills and improve the environment at the same time.It can also save you money by letting you install a smaller rooftop solar system. Efficiency can also be enhanced by moving to an electric vehicle(this might increase the size of a rooftop system, but would improve overall efficiency nonetheless). Various rebate, loan, and information programs are available to help, for example:

* bayareaenergyupgrade
* go to, search on “rebates”, and select “Rebates by Product”

Wildlife Sanctuary Harnesses Solar to Support Mission

Wildlife Sanctuary Executive DirectorWildlife Associates provides nationally acclaimed educational programs throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. At their 120-acre wildlife sanctuary in Half Moon Bay, they care for more than 50 non-releasable animals that could not survive in the wild.

In 2016, SunWork and our volunteers installed 90 solar panels, creating a 27 kW system to power Wildlife Associates operations. SunWork partnered with EveryBody Solar who identified the opportunity, raised funds for the project and worked with several companies for donations.Jinko Solar provided the solar panels, Enphase donated the inverters and Mounting Systemsprovided the mounting hardware.

Check out the video of Bruce Holaday, Wildlife Associates Executive Director, along with volunteer photos here.

Community Choice Energy a Plus for the Environment & Solar Customers

Community Choice Energy Integrates with Local UtilityCalifornia continues to show innovation in bringing clean energy to the grid.Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs are rolling out throughout California, which in the Bay Area will replace PG&E as the supplier of electricity for most residencesand businesses.PG&E is still responsible for transmission, distribution and billing, however your CCE, a Joint Powers Authority formed by local cities and/or the county, is responsible for purchasing the electricity.CCEs provide for higher levels of renewable energy as a default versus PG&E and at typically lower prices.

For solar homeowners, CCE's net metering programs are better than PG&E's, especially if your system produces more kilowatt-hours over the year than you consume.Overproducing systems are paid full retail prices for the electricity generation portion of the overproduction, not PG&E's ~2.7cents/kWh "generation rate" as of July 2017 Most CCEs pay you more for the net energy you send back to the grid, typically $.01per kilowatt-hour. READ MORE ...

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