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Fall 2018                      
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SunWork Installation Map

SunWork installation sites for the Bay Area and California's Central Coast are now available online. Nonprofit installations include a photo of the system size.  Check it out here.

SunWork's total installations now top 640 homes and 25 nonprofit buildings totaling over 2,900 kilowatts.  We thank the computer science students at UC Santa Cruz who created this map.  

Note: street adresses are not include for residential installations.

SunWork Installs Solar for the San Francisco Estuary Institute

San Francisco Estuary Insitute Solar InstallationThe San Francisco Estuary Institute,, is a premier scientific institute employing over two dozen scientists helping to understand, visualize and manage SF Bay and Estuary water quality. Located on the waterfront in Richmond, SFEI wanted plenty of solar for their operations and for their three newly installed EV charging stations. 

Thanks to help from a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), SFEI was able to afford installation of a solar system along with three EV charging stations.  SFEI selected SunWork to install a 60-panel, 17.4 kilowatt system in May 2018. SFEI has a perfect roof for solar, easy to access, easy to walk and work on, and with fantastic 360 degree views. SunWork founder Reuben Veek led the installation, Senior Environmental Scientist Don Yee from SFEI coordinated and helped on the installation, as did numerous SunWork volunteers. With all the help, it was possible to complete the installation in a week, with all 60 panels installed in just 2 days.

Central Coast Public Radio HighlightsSunWork

Tom Kabat, SunWork Board MemberSunWork’s unique business model was highlighted on KCBX’s hour-long Central Coast Voices program earlier this year.  Tom Kabat, SunWork Board member, was interviewed by Fred Munroe, who hosts the program.  Linda Seeley (a SunWork client from Los Osos) and Saoirse Wendy (a SunWork volunteer who’s a part of the California Conservation Corps in San Luis Obispo) joined Tom and Fred on the program, providing their perspectives.  The program covered a wide range of topics, including SunWork's experience in bringing its approach to the Central Coast,, solar economics, global warming, what it's like to volunteer, etc. Here is a link to the KCBX podcast.

What’s up with Community Choice Energy CCE Graphic

Community Choice Energy (CCE), also known as Community Choice Aggregation, is probably the biggest change in the California energy industry that most people have never heard of. CCE changes ownership of electricity generating plants from large investor-owned utilities, to locally controlled nonprofit agencies. PG&E (and the other large utilities) continue to own the power poles and wires and all the “transmission and distribution infrastructure” but CCE programs choose how and where to generate power, with an emphasis on clean, local, renewable energy. 

There were no CCE customers in 2010, however, by 2025 at least 80% of all ratepayers in California are expected to be on a CCE program. Check out the status of your local CCE here

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