SunWork Renewable Energy Projects

Project Leads

SunWork Renewable Energy Projects is an active California class C-46 (solar) contractor, license number 920732.

Reuben Veek has been installing grid-tie residential solar electricity systems since 2006, and has been involved in building more than 250 systems in the Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area. He has a background in physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering, and is a knowledgeable student of the National Electric Code and the most recent industry developments and innovations, and holds training certifications from Xantrex, Enphase, and Multi-Contact. He also designed and developed the SunThink! Solar Electricity System Analysis Software application used by SunWork to accurately and appropriately size solar systems. 
  Ernest Cheung photo

Ernest Cheung has been installing PV systems since 2016 as a 
SunWork volunteer participating in over 50 installations events.  He has a chemical engineering background and has over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry with tool installations and customer service.  He has been involved in the solar industry since 2007, where as an Account Technologist with Applied Materials, he helped bring two thin film PV factories online in Spain and Italy.

Aldhar (Al) Keyes
has been involved in the installation of more than
100 solar PV systems in the Bay Area.  In addition to solar energy, 
he has an interest in energy sources including wind and wave power.  
He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Monterrey Institute of
Technology and received a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable
Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh.  When not planning
or installing solar projects, he enjoys hiking and running outdoors.
Bryan Noel has been installing solar professionally since 2012, 
with three years experience in residential grid-tie solar at Future 
Energy Savers.  Before that he also installed a small scale
standalone system on his parents house in 2009, and in 2010 he installed solar PV systems in Montaña de Oro State Park during his time in California Conservation Corps.  He has a passion for clean and alternative energy sources, and sees photovoltaics as an important part of the solution to climate change that can be done by the average person.  In his spare time, Bryan enjoys hiking and bicycling.

Travis Moe first started working in the solar industry in 2013, doing large-scale installations on commercial buildings in Colorado. Since then, he has been involved in grid-tied and off-grid projects in North Carolina and the Bay Area and recently completed his NABCEP certification in 2018. He has an MSW from UNC Chapel Hill in Environmental Social Work and is an active advocate for public policy focused on decarbonization, poverty alleviation, and social equity. He likes to spend his free time trekking in the mountains and deepening his knowledge of regenerative ecology.  

Brett Wolfram, has lived all over the Bay Area since moving 
here from the Chicago in 1986. He is an alumnus of California
State University, Chico where he first became involved in philanthropic work.  He has more then 20 years experience in the construction industry and decided he wanted to use his expertise in construction to do something positive for the environment. After earning his NABCEP certification in solar PV installation, he attended a SunWork volunteer workshop and began volunteering for SunWork accumulated over 450 hours helping with solar installations.