SunWork Renewable Energy Projects

Project Leads

SunWork Renewable Energy Projects is an active California class C-46 (solar) contractor, license number 920732.

Reuben Veek has been installing grid-tie residential solar electricity systems since 2006, and has been involved in building more than 150 systems in the Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area. He has a background in physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering, and is a knowledgeable student of the National Electric Code and the most recent industry developments and innovations, and holds training certifications from Xantrex, Enphase, and Multi-Contact. He also designed and developed the SunThink! Solar Electricity System Analysis Software application used by SunWork to accurately and appropriately size solar systems. 

Matt Thompson started in solar 15 years ago as a Peace Corp Volunteer, where he helped families of the Bolivian Altiplano install 50W PV systems. Matt settled in the Bay Area just as residential grid-tie solar was beginning to take root, working as a lead installer for Eco Energies, and then as an installer trainer at REC Solar. At SolFocus, he helped manage the deployment of concentrated photovoltaic systems (CPV), from small R&D sites to large commercial power plants. Matt holds a BS in Construction Management and has been a licensed solar and general contractor since 2005. When not building solar, he loves spending time cycling and surfing.

Alex Fratar is a Bay Area native and has experience installing PV 
projects in the region since 2008. He is a licensed electrician and has installed solar systems on multiple roof types and styles of homes. He also worked on commercial scale projects, contributing to PV installations including the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in San Francisco, and the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ. Previously, Alex was a project manager and safety instructor at SolarCity. He spent three years as a Crew Lead at SolarCity's  Berkeley office leading residential PV installation teams. Alex also enjoys cycling, good food, good beer, and baseball on the radio.

Marc Fontana
has been installing residential solar in the Bay Area
since 2006.  He has been a frequent volunteer team leader and trainer with Grid Alternatives over the past 9 years.  Marc has worked as a solar installer with Green Leaf Solar, HelioFarm, Doble & Son and Huffman Solar. He is a solar instructor at De Anza Community College.  He has a BS in Engineering Technology and a certificate in Energy Management. His hobbies include cycling, spending time in the outdoors, and reading about renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Marc drives an EV and is active in promoting zero emissions transportation.