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500th installation celebration 2017

With SunWork’s 500th installation approaching, SunWork had to make a few decisions. Include installations for small nonprofit organizations in the count? Yes, this is an important part of SunWork. Include solar expansions for our previous customers, such as after they bought an electric car? No, let’s count only unique customers. Meanwhile, all the preparations for Leif and Sara’s job were proceeding: Check their PG&E usage and charges; assess the roof, attic and electrical service panel; design the system; obtain the permit.

Calculations led to July 29 as the 500th installation in Berkeley. Leif and Sara were asked if they were willing to have their installation be the focus of the celebration. Yes!

SunWork friends, volunteers and the news media were invited. On installation day, SunWork set up a canopy in the driveway, brought food and drinks, and had a special day talking with everyone who stopped by. The installation team, Leif, the other volunteers, and SunWork founder and project lead on the installation, Reuben Veek, came down from the roof for a long lunch and shared their experiences with visitors. A bonus was Leif’s electric VW Golf sharing the driveway. After the installation it, too, was solar powered.

Unloading panels for installationBay Area News Group reporter Tom Lochner wrote an article for the Mercury News. Highlights include, Leif’s reasons for going solar with SunWork, describing the SunWork mission to make small solar affordable, and the goal of training volunteers on solar. Volunteers include homeowners such as Leif, white collar solar industry workers who want hands-on experience, people who are looking to enter the solar industry, and others who enjoy work outdoors with like-minded people. Lochner’s article describes the financial details of the solar installation. SunWork pricing is very transparent since there is no mark-up on system components and just $.90 per Watt for the organization. This transparency supports another SunWork goal to inform the public about solar, including the often-confusing solar economics.

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